Robotics & Coding

We think robotics and coding skills are essential for 21st century students.
Find a robotics club near you, start one at your school or see our introductory workshops.

STEAM Invasion!

From one day to a whole week… check out our intense & hands-on in-school STEAM experiences.


Curious DIY project kits have been designed for Gr 4 – 9 and plug into the Technology curriculum supporting CAPS outcomes.

Corporate Services

LEGO isn’t just for kids let us run a team-building event for your staff.
Holiday club for your children held at your office? Or sponsor a school and expose them to STEAM!


We spend a lot of time in the best schools in Southern Africa. We’d love to share what we have learned to improve and integrate your school’s STEAM subjects.

This is jefa!

Junior Engineers for Africa (JEFA) is an educational organisation guided by the belief that people learn best through experience. With workshops for all age groups, JEFA focuses on STEAM, design thinking, robotics and coding. JEFA uses various activities, including LEGO®, to keep our workshops hands-on and engaging.  

The way JEFA works is that we come to you and run workshops for up to 150 people during your daily programme. Beyond this, JEFA provides small-group special interest courses, as well as robotics and coding courses. One can find JEFA mainly in schools, but we are also found running workshops in corporate environments for both employees (team-building) and their children (holiday clubs). For schools, JEFA works closely with schools’ curriculums to enrich their learning experience and offers customized courses and programs. JEFA also provides Curious Project kits, which are self-sufficient technology kits (aligned to the CAP’s curriculum) requiring few materials or teacher intervention.  

 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

STEAM Invasion

The core of what we do at JEFA is running workshops to learners during class-time, or as we call it, an ‘invasion’.
An invasion is an intensive 1-4 day in-school event which combines engineering and robotics (using LEGO®) workshops along with Brainbuilder (problem-solving and life-skills) workshops.  During this time each grade receives up to a day’s worth of workshops during school-time, either concentrated into one day or throughout the week.
During the afternoon session, learners have the option of joining our special interest courses, which are LEGO®-based adventure and robotics courses.   

Special Interest

Special interest courses are small-group LEGO® and robotics based courses which facilitate learning through play.
These run as an optional afternoon course along with a week-long ‘Invasion’ and usually run for four successive afternoons.
These courses are grade-specific and can run for grades between Gr. 000 through to Gr. 10+, lasting from an hour to two hours long depending on age. 

Corporate Services

JEFA offer STEAM services to industry and corporates, where we come to you and provide a programme based on your requirements.
This takes the forms of training & special events, 
where we provide a day of robotics and coding for employees. This provides employees with a team-building experience to actually be excited about!
This may also take the form of a holiday club programme for employees’ kids. This keeps children excited as they get to join their parents at work, have fun, keep busy and get exposed to the world of robotics, coding and engineering.


Auckland Prep

I have no hesitation in recommending JEFA to other schools and groups who wish to ignite a passion in the field of Engineering.

– Brenda Howden
Headmistress, Auckland Park Prep, Jhb

Kingswood College

To the entire JEFA team,
Thank you so much for coming and spending time with us at Kingswood. There was an excited “buzz” around the campus this week! Thank you for your energy and passion and for sharing your knowledge with the children. In their words; “it was awesome!”

– James & the entire Kingswood staff
Prep Headmaster, Kingswood College, Grahamstown

St John’s

The JEFA team are thoroughly professional, inspirational and have facilitated really positive programmes at St. John’s College over the past seven years.

– Anne Nettleton
Deputy Head, St. John’s College, Jhb

St. Stithian

I loved walking around the various activities, seeing the children engaged, interacting, learning and having fun. Thank you to your highly professional and effective team of facilitators and thank you for arranging such a superb day for us.

–  Director: Academic Administration
St. Stithian’s Girls’ Preparatory, Jhb



Get your school invaded by our STEAM team from R180pp!


Get your school invaded by our STEAM team from R180pp!