Tech & Engineering

Give your learners an opportunity to experience key STEAM principles in a way that they won’t quickly forget!

Kineasthetic Learning

Juggle, jump, swing and spin your way to a better understanding of your body and how we can use it to engage with the world around us.

Problem Solving

Learn to strategise, plan and adapt your tactics to equip your students’ minds for solving problems of the future.

Creative Thinking

How do we train our brains to think differently? Our creative workshops focus on learning how to learn better.

Design Thinking

Design is close to our heart at JEFA! Our design thinking programmes share some of our favourite tools and methodologies.

The Invasion

The JEFA ‘invasion’ is the core of what we do. An invasion is typically a 1-4 day in-school event that ‘invades’ each grade with exciting, challenging and interactive workshops. We have a large range of topics that make our programmes interdisciplinary, but primarily focused on STEAM, design thinking, robotics and coding.

Brain Builders is a division of JEFA’s workshop offering dedicated to teaching life skills, problem solving, critical thinking and personal development. These workshops integrate activities such as poi, juggling, tangrams and quattro-chess to concentrate and stimulate minds. In an invasion, these workshops generally go hand-in-hand with the STEAM workshops, as we aim to develop learners holistically.

While we are based in Johannesburg, our dynamic team travels across Southern Africa from Cape Town to Lusaka running invasions throughout the year. Contact us to discuss how JEFA can tailor Invasion workshops, programs and courses suited to your school’s needs and required outcomes, so together we can build into the lives of the learners in your organisation.

Invasion COURSES

We think Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics are foundational to any modern profession. Chances are that over the next decade or so completely new fields will exist that current learners will need to function in.
We believe that competent 
STEAM skills will be vital for excelling in such environments! Our workshops in many respects serve as catalysts that aim to inspire and motivate learners on a journey of STEAM discovery.

Historically, schools have tended toward compartmentalising subjects. Such a legacy has created the false perception in many learners that subjects such as science, maths and technology are not related to languages and communication, sports and many other subjects covered in school.
BrainBuilder workshops aim at breaking down these perceptions, integrating various thinking skills with kinaesthetic learning, strategy games, visual literacy and other soft-skills.

Invasions out of Joburg are generally combined with JEFA’s special interest adventure courses that run  as an extra-mural for the week we are with the school. These courses are aimed at facilitating learning
through play. Courses cater for learners from Gr.1 through to Gr.10+ and are offered as an optional addition to the in-school invasion workshops. Courses are LEGO based and cover themes such as Space Adventure, Circus Adventure, Explorers & Robotics.

Kingswood College

To the entire JEFA team,
Thank you so much for coming and spending time with us at Kingswood. There was an excited “buzz” around the campus this week! Thank you for your energy and passion and for sharing your knowledge with the children. In their words; “it was awesome!”

– James & the entire Kingswood staff
Prep Headmaster, Kingswood College, Grahamstown

St John’s

The JEFA team are thoroughly professional, inspirational and have facilitated really positive programmes at St. John’s College over the past seven years.

– Anne Nettleton
Deputy Head, St. John’s College, Jhb

Auckland Prep

I have no hesitation in recommending JEFA to other schools and groups who wish to ignite a passion in the field of Engineering.

– Brenda Howden
Headmistress, Auckland Park Prep, Jhb

St. Stithian

I loved walking around the various activities, seeing the children engaged, interacting, learning and having fun. Thank you to your highly professional and effective team of facilitators and thank you for arranging such a superb day for us.

–  Director: Academic Administration
St. Stithian’s Girls’ Preparatory, Jhb


Invasion Request