Thornhill : Botswana 2019

As one of our oldest schools, Thornhill has a special place in our hearts, we travelled down in November 2019, and taught over 300 students in the span of 4 days.

For the morning periods, we were split between 2 venues. The Junior hall hosted around 80 students per session and daily we taught different grades. We generally focused on teaching mechanical principles through fun interactive stories and building sessions. The Senior Hall was dedicated to teaching a single grade for the whole morning. We taught a variety of courses ranging from  “Intro to Engineering”, “Wheels & Axles”, and “Pneumatic Systems”.

After the morning period, we had several afternoon special interest courses running for anyone interested in furthering their STEAM learning, and also having immense amounts of fun!

Some of the courses focused on building challenging models to expand their minds. Others focused on trying to create a new thought process on coding. The oldest grades created robots they could program to do interesting tasks

We at JEFA had a really wonderful time teaching at Thornhill, and look forward to coming again next year!